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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday Funday - Bears Game at Sidetrack, Chicago, IL

One of my favorite bars in Chicago was showing the Bears game last Sunday 1-16-11 ... Being a longtime Bears fan, I decided to bake up some sweet treats for the crew at the bar. Of course, they had to be "Bears Themed" ... so I made devil's food chocolate cupcakes with homemade marshmallow cream filling ... topped with buttercream frosting ... blue and orange sprinkles of course!  I also make up some football shaped pop cakes ... yellow cake with Oreo cookies crumbled inside ... dipped in chocolate and piped with white royal icing.
They were a HIT!!!

 I made the custom "GoBears" cupcake liners!

 That's me!!


  1. Yum! I especially like it when you bring cupcake pops to Sidetracks! When I get married I would love it if you made us delicious cake pops instead of a cake! (However, I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon so I'll just have to mooch sweet treats from you at Tracks!)
    Love- Your Sidetrack Girl-Carolyn!

  2. Hi Carolyn ... YOU GOT IT!! I can create a cupcake pop "cake" for you that you and your guests will adore!! No hurry ... find that special guy and I'll be ready and raring to go with it!!