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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cupcake shaped CakePoPs ... Adorable!!

I finally had a chance to use my handy dandy CakePoP mold that makes CakePoPs in the shape of little Cupcakes! I made up a dozen for a special little girl ... Maddy loved them and I liked the way they turned out too!!  Here are some pics!

Butterscotch CakePoPs and Cupcakes .... YUM

I decided to try out a new recipe to make Butterscotch Cupcakes and CakePoPs ... they were a hit with my friends (a.k.a. my guinea pigs ... HA). Made a couple dozen Mini Cupcakes and about 30 CakePoPs. It also gave me an opportunity to try out my hand at decorating them using chocolate transfer sheets ... that I've been dying to try! They looked ok ... but think I need to hone my techniques! It was lots of fun!! Here are some pics ...

I gave these another try the following weekend to do a better job with the transfer sheets ... see pictures toward the end of the post. I think they look a bit better! : )

Butterscotch Cake covered in Butterscotch

Butterscotch Cake covered in Chocolate

SECOND TRY ... THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND ---------------------

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Anniversary CakePoPs ...

A very good friend asked me to make a dozen Lemon CakePoPs that he wanted to have sent to his Daughter and Son-in-law for their First Wedding Anniversary. I put my creative hat on and came up with a couple decorating designs and created a custom tag for them as well. I really liked the way they turned out and can see these work for a wedding very well. Take a look ....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summertime CakePoPs ...

A good friend asked me to make a couple dozen Red Velvet CakePoPs for a July 4th party he was attending ... so I decorated them in patriotic RED, WHITE and BLUE ... here's how they turned out!

I also wanted to try and make some CakePoPs I saw online ... they look just like watermelon when you bite into them ... I used a strawberry/raspberry cake with mini chocolate chips the double dipped them ... first in white then green candy coating. Not only were they tasty, they actually did look like watermelons! See for yourselves!