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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jaeger Bomb Cupcakes for Brian's Birthday!

My friend Brian drinks Jägermeister so, of course I had to bake up some Jager Bomb Cupcakes for him!! I hunted for recipes and founds a few but wasn't sure any of them sounded right ... so I took some from one and a bit from another and came up with one that I was happy with. The cupcakes had the Red Bull in them ... I then made up some buttercream frosting ... separated off some that I planned to top them off with ... added a bit of Jägermeister in and tinted it yellow. The remaining I added more Jägermeister and tinted that green ... that became the Jägermeister "shot" in the center of the cupcakes! I used a great little gadget that my friend Judy got for me ... a cupcake corer ... it worked like a champ!! Quick and easy to use ... I'll be using this from now on when I plan to make filled cupcakes. While the Red Bull taste in the cake was subtle it all worked well together with the Jägermeister frosting. I wasn't sure if everyone would like them so I made up a half dozen Godiva white chocolate flavored cupcakes and another half dozen dark chocolate liquer flavored cupcakes to round out the selection of "BOOZY CUPCAKES". They ALL were hits! Here are a few pics to share and show the details and fun time that was had by all.

The new cupcake corer worked perfectly!

Here's the Jägermeister "shot" in the middle.

Birthday Boy Brian!

Dark Chocolate liquer laced cupcakes

Godiva White Chocolate laced cupcakes

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