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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cake Pops on the News!!

 Our local ABC news station covered the Royal Wedding events in Chicago and they have a short spot showing the Royal Wedding Tea at the Drake ... on the top of the 3 tier dessert stands on the tables showed my cake pops! FUN! Here's the link ...

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Tea at the Drake

Just delivered  almost 400 Lemon Cake Pops for the "Royal Wedding Tea" at the Drake. They continue to enjoy my cake pops ... These were coated in blue tinted coating with small white nonpareils. All individually packaged and tied in white ribbon with a 2" tag I customized for them. I think they turned out just great! Now onto Mother's Day Brunch next weekend ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

My friend Jack invited the gang over for Easter Brunch at his place ... as always, he hosted a wonderful brunch! I offered to bring some Sweet Treats ... I made some Lemoncello cupcakes that I decorated with buttercream "grass" and topped with a few malted milk eggs. They were pretty darn cute! I also had a taste for Lamb Cake that I loved as a kid ... so I found a recipe for Pound Cake Cupcakes that I frosted with buttercream and then rolled them in shredded coconut. They actually came out tasting just like the lamb cake I remembered! I had a few chocolate cake pops that rounded out the selection. We also have a tradition of wearing Easter Hats or Bonnets ... and the gang didn't disappoint ... some fabulous creations that get better year after year!!
Thanks for hosting again Jack!

Cake Pops for The Drake Hotel ... Easter Brunch

I was thrilled when The Drake Hotel decided that my cake pops were going to be an addition to their Easter Sunday Brunch desert buffet ... they asked me to make 250 of them! By far the largest order I've done. The Chef asked me to do 3 different pops ... chocolate, lemon and carrot cake. All with pastel tinted white chocolate coatings and lightly sprinkled. While I've made the carrot cake recipe before (thanks to David Oakes) ... I've never tried it with cake pops. It's an amazingly delicious recipe, it's a bit too moist for cake pops! They were a challenge to keep together when rolling them into balls ... many also didn't survive the dipping process. I was able to make enough to fill the order, but won't do those anytime soon.

Well, the reports from the chef's today were that my cake pops were a HUGE HIT! They were gobbled up in the first couple of hours ... and they should have ordered more. I WAS THRILLED!

And now ... onto the next event happening this Friday 4-29-2011 ... the Royal Wedding High Tea! They want me to do 400 lemon cake pops ... individually wrapped and tied with ribbon and a custom round tag that I designed that say Kate & William. This should be fun! I'm in for a couple of very busy days to get this done! But I'm still loving it!! Stay tuned!!  In the meantime, here are a few pics of the Easter Brunch order.

All Lined up like little soldiers!

Carrot Cake Pops

Lemon Cake Pops

Chocolate Cake Pops

Boxed up and ready to deliver

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jaeger Bomb Cupcakes for Brian's Birthday!

My friend Brian drinks Jägermeister so, of course I had to bake up some Jager Bomb Cupcakes for him!! I hunted for recipes and founds a few but wasn't sure any of them sounded right ... so I took some from one and a bit from another and came up with one that I was happy with. The cupcakes had the Red Bull in them ... I then made up some buttercream frosting ... separated off some that I planned to top them off with ... added a bit of Jägermeister in and tinted it yellow. The remaining I added more Jägermeister and tinted that green ... that became the Jägermeister "shot" in the center of the cupcakes! I used a great little gadget that my friend Judy got for me ... a cupcake corer ... it worked like a champ!! Quick and easy to use ... I'll be using this from now on when I plan to make filled cupcakes. While the Red Bull taste in the cake was subtle it all worked well together with the Jägermeister frosting. I wasn't sure if everyone would like them so I made up a half dozen Godiva white chocolate flavored cupcakes and another half dozen dark chocolate liquer flavored cupcakes to round out the selection of "BOOZY CUPCAKES". They ALL were hits! Here are a few pics to share and show the details and fun time that was had by all.

The new cupcake corer worked perfectly!

Here's the Jägermeister "shot" in the middle.

Birthday Boy Brian!

Dark Chocolate liquer laced cupcakes

Godiva White Chocolate laced cupcakes